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103-125% after 1 day or 116-240% after 5 days or 134-540% after 10 days or 190-1040% after 20 days or 1000-3000% after 5-35 days
Min/Max: $25 / $100000
Referral: 5%
Withdrawal: Manual
Users Rating:
Our Investment: $350.00
Payout Ratio: 169% in profit
Last Payout: Sep 17th, 2018
Added: May 13th, 2018
Monitored: 133 days
Lifetime: 133 days
Any intellectual activity requires theoretical knowledge, practical experience, professional skills and continuous development of thinking. By providing your investment capital to the trust management of HighTech Forex LTD, all theoretical and practical part, including the development of trading strategies and the use of reliable information sources, you shift to the shoulders of our specialized professionals. Huge experience and knowledge of all the subtleties of successful trading organically combined with intuition and stress resistance of our traders, allowing achieving record levels of profitability. The ability to react correctly to market changes and transformations reduces the probability of losing a deposit within each individual transaction.

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