1.1% в день 120 дней или110% через 5 дней или 4% в день 30 дней
Минимум/Максимум: $50 / $500000
Реф.комиссия: 0.5%-10%
Вывод: Мгновенно
Рейтинг пользователей:
Наши инвестиции: $300.00
Коэффициент выплат: 94%
Последняя выплата: Nov 13th, 2019
Добавлено: May 26th, 2019
На мониторинге: 171 дней
Работает: 244 дней
We write a automated trading AI system that contains the most frequent operating system and the safest and the most conservative strategy also the program can learn deeply and analyze by the strategy and market changes to achieve the profit.Our strategy suits every different customer,it can helps our investor to get the benefit, and maximizes the profit,so it come true the thing that make customer satisfying in every plan. Our safe system would change strategy with market volatility to ensure the benefit and reduce the risk of customer.
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