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7.8-22% в день 15 дней или 9-20% в день 30 дней или 160-220% через 10 дней или 220-380% через 20 дней
Минимум/Максимум: $10 / $50000
Реф.комиссия: 4%-2%
Вывод: Мгновенно
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Наши инвестиции: $1,000.00
Коэффициент выплат: 97%
Последняя выплата: Jan 13th, 2019
Добавлено: Nov 12th, 2018
На мониторинге: 66 дней
Работает: 929 дней
Usd-trade LTD was founded in Seychelles in 2008. Usd-trade LTD is an investment company focused exclusively on Forex trading and cryptocurrency asset management. Our experiences over ten years, financial advice, and access to Forex trading and cryptocurrency investment capital has helped transform clients' business ideas into long-term growth and innovation. By providing a complete investment solution for our clients, Usd-trade LTD helps them achieve their financial goals. In the rapidly changing investment industry, it is the vision of Usd-trade LTD to be a leader in innovative ideas and performance, blending cutting edge technology with sophisticated investment service. As a Usd-trade LTD client, you can expect objective, proactive investment service that is tailored to your unique situation and needs. Choosing a reliable investment program is one of the most important decisions of your financial life. The investment company you select will have a direct effect on your financial future. It is very difficult to know what qualifications matter, who to trust and how to move forward. We understand. Usd-trade LTD has spent for many years building trust with our clients and an excellent reputation in the marketplace. Our goal is to maximize each dollar to return an above average return with each investor. Having these systems in place allows Usd-trade LTD to manage risk at extreme levels to capitalize on the slightest movements in defined time frames. Analyzing data at rates of nanoseconds can literally be the difference between success or failure.
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