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4.58% daily for 36 trading days or 2.6% daily for 36 trading days (+principal) or 226% after 36 trading days or 3.75% weekly for lifelong
Min/Max: $10 / No Limit
Referral: 8%
Withdrawal: Manual
Users Rating:
Our Investment: $33.00
Payout Ratio: 298% in profit
Last Payout: Dec 18th, 2018
Added: Nov 28th, 2017
Monitored: 388 days
Lifetime: 515 days
Everyone has a dream, someone dreams of money, someone of health or love... Whatever your dream, small or big, dignified or completely earthly, it is possible to grant, but sometimes it can not be handled on your own. What should be done? It will be fine if everyone has the opportunity and support during the journey to our dream, won't it?! Recently, more and more people are only thinking about themselves and their interests. Agree that many are working on creating their own world without noticing this, forgetting that cooperation is development, and kindness and mercy are joy and happiness. Why the idea, that we are stronger together, is leaving even further? Why do we forget that we need to sacrifice and help, forgot how to do good and listen to our heart? The main goal of ARIAN is to unite people who wish to help each other in realizing the dreams of each system participant. ARIAN investment fund payments are 80% made according to the principle "for previous at the expense of following ones", the remaining 20% is accumulated due to investments in socially significant projects. What?! But what about oil, trading and investing in the "super-profitable market"? Surely you have experience of Internet investing. It was proposed to invest, for example, in gold or oil production. Such companies seemed to be real professionals of their business, in other words - guru, it can't be better... Have you ever wondered why, for example, a promising gold mining company needs small investors with deposits of $10? Our company has nothing against such projects. We want to convey to you the fact that 98% of Internet investment projects are based on the principle: "for previous at the expense of following ones". The ARIAN system duration is limited only by the number of people who are interested in helping each other. But if you are doing good, which thanks to the contributions of other participants will return to you three times exaggerated. Sooner or later you begin to understand the social importance of the ARIAN fund, as well as the mutual benefit of such cooperation that can last indefinitely. Happiness can not be based on deception. Just give up all the prejudices and live better! The ARIAN.FUND team considers it is important to explain the basic work principle of our foundation, to convey its mission. Together we can do much, so combine our dreams together with ARIAN!
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